Sunday, September 9, 2012

Thoughts on the slogan for a United Front to fight Fascism in Greece

This subject has its own page at the top of the blog where you can read it in full and comment if you wish.  The points are for discussion on the present situation in Greece. There are also two responses to it below the main text.

09/09/2012 by Stephen Morgan

Commenting on the recent news of the shocking rise in support for the fascist Golden Dawn, (a figure of over 10%, which is worryingly similar to that of the Nazis before they took power.)  a comrade recently stated that it was crucial to raise the slogan for a United Front of the left to fight fascism.

I don't think that any of us could disagree with that. The comrade said that it was a demand of the CWI. The CWI is absolutely correct to raise this slogan and if it hasn't been raised before it should have been. 

However, I made some criticisms of the demand for a United Front as a slogan for fighting fascism in Greece as it was being presented.  My points below are a political criticism of the CWI meant for discussion in the wider movement. So...

1) Of course, the UF demand is generally correct. However, in my opinion it is not enough just to just put out a slogan for a UF like this. You need to have concrete proposals, when you raise an organizational demand like this. The first thing people on the left in Greece will ask is what does this mean concretely? Who should unite? Which groups and what basis? This especially the case since 13 left groups are already united in the Coalition of the Radical Left, SYRIZA, which is the largest party in Greece.

The only other left group of any size is the KKE, although their support has now fallen to 4.5%. Otherwise there are, like everywhere, other small groups, all of whom should be involved a united front. Until now most of them have differentiated themselves precisely by distancing themselves from the SYRIZA Coalition and not joining a United Front with it. Instead many of them have stood their own candidates in the elections with very little success. If the proposal of the United Front means something, then the CWI needs to make it clear what they are proposing. Continued

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