Monday, September 17, 2012

Mitt Romney on likely Obama Voters and those lazy Americans

Now anyone that reads this blog knows we do not support either of the two Wall Street parties, Democrats or Republicans.  We see Obama as a slick representative of the US bourgeois.  He is their choice at this time, their best bet for for defending US capitalism's interests both present and future and it is likely the Republicans and their more frontal assault on US workers will hasten the social upheaval that will come with it, not to mention more wars that Americans are unwilling to pay for or fight in. But coupon clippers like Donald Trump, Ryan, or Romney here are pretty nasty characters.

You have to hand it to these people. I mean, they were born with advantages. From day one, they had a leg up. They were born in to moneyed families with all the connections that come with that and they don't send their kids to fight the corporations' wars. Then, they get breaks from the laws of society that are written by rich people for rich people.

None of these people worked for the most part, and when I mean work, I don't mean coupon clipping or working hard at getting others to work, living off the profit of capital that workers Labor creates. I am talking about productive Labor. The rich actually believe that they are rich because of special qualities they have, that they are smarter, harder working etc. What else can they say? Every ruling class has to justify its own rule.

The feudal aristocracy said the king was king by divine right, by god's will. We all know that couldn't have come from the mind of the peasant. As a shop steward I was in my bosses' office one day investigating a case and he had to go out to get something. I saw a book on the shelf, one of those books about how you can use psychology to motivate workers, to get more out of them. They call it empowerment, a euphemism for exploitation.

So I liberated the book and stuck it in my bag for later reading. I got this quote from it:

"If you're going to strive to motivate workers through autonomy and empowerment, it's important to remember that the primary burden is to make sure employees believe what you say. Don't tell them you want them to be empowered to increase the company's profits. Tel them you want them to be empowered because it's the best way to remain competitive and guarantee everyone their jobs."

Carl Robinson, Vice President, Organizational Psychologists

They are some horrible, lying bastards these folks.

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