Monday, September 24, 2012

Marines face criminal charges: It's OK to kill people, just don't urinate on them when they're dead.

Reuters reports that Two U.S. Marine staff sergeants, are "facing criminal charges over their roles in a video showing American troops urinating on the bodies of dead Taliban fighters in Afghanistan" according to the Marine Corps.

It's amazing that the US military machine is so concerned about urinating on dead bodies.  When they are alive, you can run over them with Humvees, bomb them with drones, destroy their cities and social infrastructure, deny their children medicine and food.  But don't urinate on them after we've killed 'em. 

 Or more importantly--------don't get caught and certainly don't video it.

The guys at the top that call the shots, that send our youth over there, they are such saints.  They need to show they care and go after the guys at the bottom of the heap.  Like the problem of torture in the military was heavily influenced by a working class white woman who grew up in a trailer park.

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