Sunday, September 9, 2012

Greek fascists ethnic cleansing: The "unnoficial" police

This is from a friend and the video is published by the Golden Dawn apparently, the fascist party.  Here, they "cleanse" a market of  immigrant who doesn't have a residence permit. The situation in Greece is extremely volatile and the left has to respond.  See the points made here

If you go to You tube you can also read the comments.


The Golden Dawn fascists are keen to style themselves as auxiliaries helping the police and the state against lawless elements. Here’s a taster of Golden Dawns to come, I suspect. It’s at and posted by the party itself, by the way. Two of GD’s  MPs (Giorgos Germenis and Panayiotis Iliopoulos) were leading this ‘cleansing operation’ near Athens – destroying stalls where the owner couldn’t show a residence permit. There’s a rumour that they may be stripped of parliamentary immunity to face charges, though I doubt anything will come of it. Even if it does, it’ll just make a GD martyr (which is, I suspect, exactly what they’d like). Another MP of theirs did a similar thing in northern Greece recently. The GD certainly do like to portray themselves as state helpers here. From the press: ““The employees of the Public Order Ministry are paid through taxpayers’ sacrifices so they can defend illegal traders and illegal immigrants,” said Golden Dawn in a statement. “In their desperate attempt to excuse their tolerance over many years for illegal trading, they are accusing members and MPs of the party of usurping authority and causing unprovoked damage to foreign property.” The Public Order Ministry has reacted by instructing that all the activists, including the MPs, be charged.

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