Friday, September 28, 2012

DLF open letter to NUM on Marikana & worker strikes

                                                 DEMOCRATIC LEFT FRONT


28 September 2012


DLF pledges Solidarity with COSATU and striking workers but rejects NUM's false accusations

Dear Comrades of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM)

As the Democratic Left Front (DLF), we take your seriously your concerns regarding an alleged DLF statement in which you suggest that the DLF accused NUM members of violence. In response to a request for further clarification we were told that this occurred either on SAFM on the morning of or in a pamphlet we distributed at the COSATU Congress.

We have extensively consulted our leadership collective, and contacted SAFM and have found NO evidence that one of our members made such allegations. Furthermore, the DLF pamphlet that you refer to also makes no such claim as alleged; in fact it does not even mention the NUM. We have not accused the NUM of violence.We condemn unfounded allegations that further divisions inside the workers movement and invite you to withdraw your allegations.

As our interventions, statements and pamphlets make clear in respect of the Marikana/Lonmin massacre and other strikes taking place in the mining industry, our main concern is advancing the legitimate demands of mine-workers that are ruthlessly exploited by the capitalist bosses, and forging the unity of the working class. As a workers’ movement, the DLF believes an injury to one is an injury to all. For this reason we think the COSATU campaign for a living wage is not just timely but urgent. As the DLF we prioritize this campaign and hence stand with the mineworkers’ demand for a living wage in all sectors, platinum, gold, coal etc. Such a campaign we believe must strike a blow at the system of sub-contracting and labour brokering, something we in our small way have been taking up. Again, given the massive profits of the bosses and the dramatic decline of wages in the mining sector propels us to support the COSATU demand for a commission of inquiry into the mining sector.

Comrades, it is ludicrous to accuse the DLF of being some Apartheid throwback. We stand for the unity of the working class. Let no one undermine the demands of the workers when they march against the bosses. Let no one accuse the workers in action of being an instrument of the Chamber of Mines when they are striking at the heart of the greed of this Apartheid throwback.

Viva COSATU Viva!

Long live the unity of the working class!

An Injury to one is an injury to all!


Vishwas Satgar – 082 775 3420

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