Friday, August 31, 2012

working class offensive building.

Storm lightning. Signs of the coming great storm. 

Spanish miners fire home made rockets at cops
I have been thinking a bit about the big picture. The capitalist offensive is still the dominant feature in the world situation. But there are signs that there is increased and more militant resistance. The street fighting in Greece, the Italian miners with their explosives, the South African miners in hand to hand combat with the state, the Spanish miners making their own rockets and guns, in all cases these workers have taken up arms in some form. In China in case after case workers have violently attacked and assaulted their bosses and the same in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America where the indigenous people have stormed sites and blocked roads in defense of their land and the environment. It is very significant that workers are prepared to arm and fight the state and physically beat the bosses. It is a sign of the coming working class offensive. 

Then we have the developments such as Pussy Riot, Occupy etc. Not only Pussy Riot's courage and audacity but that they are reading Marxist material and getting millions of people contacting them and talking against capitalism. The knot of history will be retied as events develop. 

This capitalist offensive will not go on forever. I think that most likely with a coming  new capitalist collapse like 2008 the worldwide explosion will come. And in such a collapse the US working class will be pushed kicking and screaming into the battle field. US capitalism with all its madness will have to increasingly take the stick to its own working class. If it is this lifeless non human multi- millionaire robot  creature Romney in the White House the anger would especially explode. The US working class with all sorts of confusions will enter the field of battle and this will enormously weaken the capitalist offensive world wide. It will most likely halt and throw back this offensive and in doing so place on the agenda and in the consciousness of the mass of the working class worldwide once more this great question of history: What is the alternative to capitalism? Is there an alternative to capitalism? Can we make socialism work? 

I think the struggles I mention above with the workers prepared to take violent action is the storm lightening of the great storm to come. There will be all sorts of confusions. We will have to try and avoid ultra leftism as well as sectarianism and opportunism as this movement rises to its feet.   The capitalists will use their normal divide and rule tactics to derail the working class offensive, and whip up racism, sexism, nationalism and anti-immigrant feeling but the overall tendency will be for us to unite against the common enemy.

Timing is very difficult but things are ripening and the capitalist offensive with the extreme stupidity and over confidence of the international bourgeois, especially the US bourgeois, has to be kept in mind. And on top of these developments we can have wars such as an Israeli/US attack on Iran.  

We live in a time of unparalleled challenge and also opportunity for the working class. 


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