Saturday, August 25, 2012

Norwegian right wing racist fascist Breivik sentenced.

Right wing racist fascist mass murderer has been sentenced in Norway. Coverage of his trial in the US has been as usual censored. The killings were so great in number, 77, that they could not be ignored. But with few exceptions they were not explained politically, that is the ideas this killer acted on were not explained.  Breivik was a right wing pro capitalist fascist and racist. He selected the youth camp for his killings because it was organized by the young socialists of the Labor party. If he had selected a youth camp of a conservative party and been acting from a socialist stance this would have been emphasised in the mass capitalist press of the US as an example of how how socialism was bad. As this blog explains the US is an extremely censored country. During the trial this piece of dirt masquerading as a person sneered at witnesses, mocked survivors, went on anti Muslim and anti foreigner tirades, left the court room with a fascist salute and continually attacked what he called cultural Marxists.  There are plenty of the right in the US who hold similar views but do not express them or do not act on them through mass murder. Breivik's views and ideas should be discussed openly in this country and those who hold similar ideas should be challenged to justify their support for them.


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