Wednesday, July 11, 2012

US Olympic uniform anti-American. Electrocute Ralph Lauren

Anti-American commie propaganda
I have lived in this country (the US) for 40 years.  America has been good to me. I came here with no formal education, I had never been to university and ended up with a public sector job.  I retired at 54. Everyone should be able to retire at 54 if they wish, especially people like me who did physical labor my entire life except for a few stints in a factory on an assembly line.

But it is a very difficult country to live in mentally.  When I was growing up the IRA were assassinating people and exploding bombs here and there. I am sure everyone has seen the movie, "In the Name of the Father." where innocent NI Catholics were imprisoned, I remember that very well. Of course, what wasn't made clear to me was the terrorism of the British state in Ireland, not merely recent history but 500 years of terrorism. It might come as news to many US political types but the Irish have white skin.

But I cannot remember ever hearing on the news a story that began with the statement "Anti-English killers exploded a bomb today in Omagh or Derry".  Yes, they were the IRA and they were "terrorists" in the sense that their strategy was often acts of individual terrorism against Protestants, more often than not against British soldiers. But I cannot for the life of me remember them being described as "anti-English".

But here in the US, anyone that questions or criticizes the US government, foreign policy or society is labelled anti-American, which means, conveniently, that they hate us all. Chavez in Venezuela is always described as "anti-American" for example.  This is in order to lump us all in one basket.  You are either with us or agin' us as the imbecile Bush said.  I opened up my computer tonight and what do I see?  A headline that says that the uniforms designed by no less than Ralph Lauren for the US Olympic Team are being attacked as "un-American".  Apparently they are too socialist and foreign:

"Tuesday Ralph Lauren unveiled the outfits Team USA will be wearing during the Opening Ceremony, and fashionistas are already turning on it, slamming it for being "all wrong" and "un-American.", the media reports. It appears that the "white skirts" are "school marmish". But even worse, the berets are "un-American", "even socialist" the news outlets claim.

The French wear berets and these people are socialists.  Not only that, they refused to support the liberation of Iraq which is why we re-named French Fries, "freedom Fries" and poured their shitty wine down the drain. Americans are generous and friendly people I have found but the US is definitely a hard place to get used to if you didn't grow up here. What must it be like for someone from the Congo? I come from an Anglo-Saxon, English speaking nation at least.

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