Tuesday, July 31, 2012

US elections and censorship.

The US capitalist system struts around the world proclaiming its adherence to freedom and democracy, free speech and the free press. It prates on about how its elections are so democratic. The truth is otherwise. Take this for example.

You would think there was only three candidates running for the Presidency in this election. But as far as I can count there are 14. It is just that the mass capitalist media keeps knowledge of any but the top three off the radar. This is censorship.

Along with this the Republican Party are trying to deny the right to vote to 5 million people. And along with this there is the rigged electoral system where each state no matter how big or small has the same number of Senators, where the electoral college elects the Presidency not the popular vote and where massive sums of money from the billionaires are thrown into play to buy the elections.

The so called US electoral system is undemocratic and the US society itself is one of the most censored in the world.

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