Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Some facts about the small arms industry

This data is not talking about heavy weapons, aircraft, missiles etc, weapons of mass destruction. The US is by far the main supplier of these, more than the rest of the world combined.

  • 12 billion bullets are produced every year
  • 69 per cent of human rights abuses involve small arms or light weapons
  • there are 875 million small weapons in circulation
  • arms violence world wide costs $400bn every year
  • The combined arms sales of top 100 arms companies was $411bn in 2010
Seventy-four per cent of the world's wepons are supplied by six countries:

USA: 30 per cent

Russia: 24 per cent

Germany: 8 per cent

France: 8 per cent

UK: 4 per cent

China: 4 per cent

Others: 21 per cent


India: 10 per cent

South Korea: 6 per cent

Pakistan: 5 per cent

China: 5 per cent

Singapore: 4 per cent

Australia: 4 per cent

Source: Al Jazeera  Includes video

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