Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Militarization of US life.

I was watching a news program the other day where a bunch of generals were being asked questions, very respectfully of course, by congressional spokes persons. As these generals sat there with a bunch of painted scrap metal on their jackets I got to thinking about the more recent developments in the US as far as the military are concerned.

The US has over 1,000 military bases outside the US itself. These are in approximately 150 countries. Along with this they have 11 aircraft carrier task forces, that is huge floating bases. Now they are moving to build what they call "lily pads" after the small plants that float on the surface of ponds and on which frogs and other small creatures can land. As they develop their huge military machine they are particularly focused on China. 200 bases encircle China alone. They are increasing their bases in Africa and elsewhere. As one commentator put it the US is aiming for total "military control of the planet."

Imagine what would be thought if any other country had so many foreign bases and so arrogantly strode about the planet invading and killing at will. No wonder there is such animosity to US imperialism abroad.

But the increased militarization is not just taking place abroad.

Look at how one commentator described developments here in the US. : "And keep in mind that we now have two Pentagons, thanks to the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which is focused, among other things, on militarizing our southern border. Meanwhile, with the help of the DHS, local police forces nationwide have, over the last decade, been significantly up-armored and have, in the name of fighting terrorism, gained a distinctly military patina. They have ever more access to elaborate weaponry and gadgets, including billions of dollars of surplus military equipment of every sort, often being funneled to once peaceable small town police departments." Think about how rows and rows of full body armored cops  appeared on the streets to confront and attack the Occupy movement. Where did they come from? There is obviously a central command which has done what is being described above.

US capitalism is preparing to increase its military control and repression abroad and at home. The working class and world's poor and its rivals are the targets abroad. The US working class are its targets at home. An end must be put to this mad militarization of the planet. build a united mass international working class force which can end the rule of capitalism and build a democratic socialist society. 


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