Thursday, July 19, 2012

Syria: Interview with Russian delegate to the UN. 'It's all about Iran! Don't be duped by US & UK.

A very interesting interview with the Russian delegate to the UN. Obama has been in talks with Israel on what to do about Syria's weapons stocks. Two "unbiased" fores right there.  Israel was very quick to blame Iran for the bombing in Europe and Iran may well be but we know that the Zionist regime assassinates people in other countries and is not opposed to bombings themselves as is the Pentagon.  As the Russian representative to the UN who voted, against the UN resolution along with the Chinese points out, US and British imperialism's concern is not about humanism but part of a geopolitical struggle and eventually aiming to isolating Iran and hopefully overthrowing the regime there to gain more control of Iran's oil.

It is not possible being on the outside to know fully the situation in Syria, but, as the speaker here points out we should remember what we were told about the reasons for going in to Iraq that has further destabilized the Middle East and caused a humanitarian catastrophe and we should remember that Russia and China too are part of this geopolitical struggle.  In general we say, as we did with regards to Libya  that only the building of an independent movement of the working class in the Middle East and throughout the world can solve these global crises---no support for Assad or the forces supported by western imperialism.

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