Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wisconsin Recall

Walker has won. The big money has won. I feel for the tens of millions of Wisconsin workers who worked so hard to end the rule of this petty mouthpiece of the billionaires. These workers are heroes and heroines. Thank you.

Who is to blame for Walker winning?  Yes he was able to outspend his opponent ten to one as the big corporations poured in their money. But this is not the reason he won. He did so because the union leaders gave away the position before the battle even began. They agreed to the concessions on wages and conditions and union rights Walker was demanding and all they were asking for was a seat at the table so they could have a hand in making these concessions. This is what they were asking their members and the anti Walker forces to fight for, so they could have a seat at the table to give away wages and conditions and union rights. This is a scandal. A complete abdication of leadership. These union leaders have forfeited their right to lead.

Then they tied all to the Democratic Party. Another capitalist party which is different from the Republicans only in degree. It too wants to solve the problems of the US economy on the backs of US workers. It too wants to cut wages, conditions and rights of working people. These union leaders mobilized tens of thousands of working people, spent tens of millions of their members money,  to get out votes for and to work for the capitalist Democratic Party. This also is a scandal.

Consider this pathetic statement from Trumpka leader of the American Federation of Labor -Congress of Industrial Organizations:   "We wanted a different outcome, but Wisconsin forced the governor to answer for his efforts to divide the state and punish hard-working people," Trumka said in a statement Tuesday night. "Their resolve has inspired a nation to follow their lead and stand up for the values of hard work, unity, and decency that we believe in. We hope Scott Walker heard Wisconsin: Nobody wants divisive policies. It’s time to work together to forge a new path forward. The challenge to solve a generation of economic policies and create an economy that celebrates hard work over a partisan agenda gained momentum today." This as we say is pathetic. It is lying down in front of Walkers re-election. Instead of putting out the call to rebuild and fight back he wants an end to "divisive politics." The corporations will be laughing at him. 

The victory of Walker will embolden the capitalist offensive. But the other side of this is that it will increase their tendency to go to far. On the war on wages and conditions, on the war on jobs,  on the war on women's rights, on attacking peoples rights to vote and removing millions from the voting registrars, on removing elected officials and replacing them with appointed dictators, on whipping up racism, the right in this country are on the offensive. But in their stupid arrogance they are heading towards a precipice. Every progressive step forward in this country was made after set backs which went too far and these then evoked huge explosions from the working class and specially oppressed minorities. The 1930;s and the 1960's are examples. This is what will happen this time also. As Karl Marx said sometimes the revolution needs the whip of the counter revolution.

A new movement is being built in the US. The working class will rise to its feet and rebuild its unions, fill their ranks with new members and for the first time build its own mass political party. This is not a time to be downcast. It is a time to prepare for the future. To build fighting opposition caucuses, caucuses which would oppose the concessionary policies of the union leaders,  to build these in the workplaces, the unions, the communities, the schools and colleges to provide the basis for a new movement of struggle in the country. This to include a mass workers party which would be separate from the capitalist democratic and republican parties and which would instead represent the working class. The capitalists have two parties. the working class needs one of its own.


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