Thursday, June 21, 2012

Greek clerics swear in Samaras

While we are on the subject of religion we see that the new Greek prime minister has been sworn in by the clerics in that country. We see them to the left, the politician of the capitalist class given sanction by representatives of god on earth.  We can understand the hatred these religious figures of all types  had when the Bolsheviks after the workers and peasants took power in Russia and prior to the rise of Stalinism deprived them of their power along with Czarism and Russian and international capital.

"With God's help, we will do whatever is in our hands so our people can emerge faster from the crisis" Samaras said as he received their blessing.  The clerics will be relieved that the conservative leader, with support from the socialists and other left parties edged out Syriza, the left party that doesn't support the austerity conditions imposed by the IMF, the EU and international bankers.  One wonders how god can let things get so bad, let the bankers, moneylenders and coupon clippers of various types destroy the human condition and the natural world for personal gain.  Still, it will work fine for the politicians backed up by the clerics as the level of pain and suffering is equal to the amount of sacrifice and service one can do to the god up in heaven.  If you talk to god, completely worship him, then you can eat. If you can't eat it's your fault.

How backward are we that religious figures, steeped in superstition and mysticism, are allowed to play such a role in such an earthly affair as politics.  The capitalist class uses them, they are a good cover and perpetuate ideas that obscure for us the real way of the world, how the system really works and that no system lasts for ever and that we can change it.

Capitalism is good.

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