Thursday, June 14, 2012

Australian Indigenous rights advocate talks to FFWP

As people that follow this blog know, I was in Townsville in Northern Queensland visiting friends, primarily to go on a famous hike on Hinchinbrook Island which we did and came back alive. My friends and the people I met while there were very hospitable and generous. As always though I want to find out what I can about what is happening in other countries when I visit and always take the time to talk to people. While I was in Townsville there was an indigenous festival that included celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Mabo decision, a landmark land rights case involving the indigenous people most of the world knows as Aboriginals. Just by chance I got to talk with a man who is a well known figure in the indigenous right's movement and he is the man in the video above. I know next to nothing about the situation of Australian Aboriginal people other than the conditions that they face are common to so many. Also, I am sure there are differences within this community over which strategies and tactics are the most likely to take their movement forward, we are sharing here for our readers one person's view. Also, I am not so used to sticking video cameras (in this case and I Phone)in people's faces but do enjoy sharing what I learn and hope to improve my skills in that regard.

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