Saturday, May 19, 2012

Workers of Europe must join Greeks in battle against global capitalism

The election in Greece on 17th June will be a turning point for the whole of Europe. SYRIZA is likely to be the biggest party. For anyone who hasn’t seen this, here is an edited version of the interview with Tsipras published in today’s Guardian.

Roger Silverman, London


"I don't believe in heroes or saviours, but I do believe in fighting for rights. No one has the right to reduce a proud people to such a state of wretchedness and indignity.

We have never been in such a bad place. After two and a half years of catastrophe, Greeks are on their knees. The social state has collapsed, one in two youngsters is out of work, there are people leaving en masse, the climate psychologically is one of pessimism, depression, mass suicides.

Defeat is the battle that isn't waged. You ask me if I am afraid. I'd be afraid if we continued on this path, a path to social hell. When someone fights, there is a big chance that he will win, and we are fighting this to win.

The vote in Greece will decide not just what happens here but what will happen internationally. It is not between nations and peoples. On the one side there are workers and a majority of people and on the other are global capitalists, bankers, profiteers on stock exchanges, the big funds. It's a war between peoples and capitalism. And as in each war, what happens on the frontline defines the battle. It will be decisive for the war elsewhere.

Greece was chosen as the experiment for the enforcement of neo-liberal shock policies, and the Greek people were the guinea pigs.

If the experiment continues, it will be considered successful and the policies will be applied in other countries. That's why it is so important to stop the experiment. It will not just be a victory for Greece but for all of Europe."

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