Sunday, May 13, 2012

Massive demo in Spain: For a Europe wide offensive against capital

Demo in Madrid Saturday. It's uplifting and positive but they will not back down with demos alone. Labor's heavy battalions must join with the youth and a Europe-wide campaign against capital launched. In Greece the situation is ripe for taking control of the dominant forces of production and the banks and finance houses. We repeat what we wrote in an earlier post: "The working class have to take power and overthrow capitalism. This means the working class taking over the dominant sections of the economy and moving to a democratic socialist planned economy and society. It also means spreading the revolution internationally throughout Europe and abroad. And this means an end to the Euro and EU and its replacement, not with nation states but with a democratic socialist Europe as a stepping stone to spreading the revolution east wards to Turkey, Russia, the Middle East etc., and westwards to the US and the Americas.

"On this program we should campaign for a united front of mass struggle bringing together the different left and workers parties and organizations and all workers and youth and activists who oppose the cuts. Committees of workers and community activists and school and college students and small business people should be organized in the workplaces, neighborhoods, schools and colleges. These should have a clear and absolute position. No cuts and no concessions, take over the economy and end capitalism."

The window of opportunity does not remain open for ever.

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