Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Joyce - The Dead and US corporate madness

I would say that most of us who view this blog are aware of the harm done by the corporations mad capitalist system when it comes to mass poverty, starvation, destruction of the environment and war. I would like to raise another area.

The other night I was watching the film version of "The Dead" by James Joyce. It is considered to be the best short story ever written. The script for the film version was staggering in its beauty. Especially the last scene where the husband was looking out the window at scenes of winter in Ireland and his companion in bed and thinking about what she had said to him about a young boy she knew in her youth who had stood in the rain to see her and who had then died of pneumonia. It was most extraordinarily movingly beautiful. Joyce was a genius.

But here is where the filthy corporate capitalism comes it. This beautiful ending scene and the entire play  was interrupted by ads of muscled thugs shooting each other with huge weapons, then by animated creatures with fangs chasing each other, then with an ad for medicine which had more time spent warning about the side affects than the positive side of the medicine if there was any. Such ads were continually inserted on me, forced on me by the corporate capitalist media crap. "The Dead,"the best short story ever written had to be smeared by this. While I know it is the profit addicted corporation's capitalist system to blame I have a hard time not getting mad with the so called artists who sell themselves to the ad agencies to make this crap. Have they no principles?

What happens to us who watch this filthy system? What happened to me in this time when i was watching this crap?  Psychologically, emotionally, I had to either switch off my critical facilities or shift them from absolute garbage to brilliant literature and theatre and back every few minutes. . Either way I was damaged. I had to endure a sort of esthetic concussion with every ad. What kind of mad system is this? Capitalism is rotten to the core. It is much worse than is thought unless we take the time to use our imagination and seriously consider how in every way it affects us negatively.


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