Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Veterans not getting the help they need from Uncle Sam. It's not profitable.

It doesn't come as a surprise veterans do not get the treatment they need after returning home from fighting the 1%'s predatory wars for them. Delays, long waits, being given a pill for the quick fix after going through a non-Hollywood type war experience are the norm. There are a lot of "road blocks" set up to prevent these veterans from getting what they need. Those that put up road blocks of sorts aimed at preventing working class youth from participating in these wars or telling them the truth about the reason for them, that they have nothing to do with "our" freedom but profits and the control over the world's resources are labelled as "unpatriotic" "anti-American".

A veteran commits suicide every 80 minutes or so; not too many pills will prevent that. But pills are a cheaper "quick fix". If they don't work, there's always prison or the damaged veteran can choose to join the ranks of those who take their own life to escape. The wheels of government didn't turn quite so slowly when the banks needed a bailout, bureaucracy is no obstacle to getting anything done when the 1% needs it. The flag waving and patriotic propaganda is when the wasters are sending our young people to fight for them, not when they return damaged; that's money out, not very profitable, hence, the road blocks.


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