Thursday, April 19, 2012

US capitalist success story: 45 million on food stamps

2011 was a bumper year for one item, food stamps.  A Congressional Budget Office report says that the cost of the program not including administrative costs, climbed to $72 billion up from $30 billion in 2007 according to the Wall Street Journal . The CBO is overly optimistic though estimating that number will drop by 2014 when the economy improves. 45 million people were receiving food stamps under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamps, the CBO says.

Those wasters.  Why don't they just go out and get a decent paying job?  The jobs are out there aren't they?  I hears someone talking about welfare people the other day. This is a totally individualistic and selfish view of society.  The economic cris, a market crisis, has thrown these people on to welfare rolls.  Those on permanent welfare are those people that capitalism has no place for, just like abandoned buildings or abandoned factories. Not enough to live on, not enough to die on I think Malcolm X said about the program but don't quote me.

This is what some people call big government.  Forty five million is a huge section of society.  Are they all lazy? Do they all get on welfare because it's such  great deal?   The real welfare recipients of course are the capitalist class, the speculators, investors and moneylenders who live off the backs of those that do productive Labor, the corporations who pay no taxes as a previous blog pointed out.

The fact that the most powerful and wealthiest society in human history cannot provide 45 million people with a decent job, that it has to feed people with public funds in order to head off social unrest is enough to condemn the capitalist system of production  to the history books as a system that has passed its sell date.

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