Saturday, April 21, 2012

U. S. Post Office and regulation.

The US capitalists never stop whining on against regulation. How bad it is. The so called free market must be unrestrained. This is pure hypocrisy. The US capitalists are in favor of regulation when it suits them. Take the US Post Office. They are trying to close thousands of post offices and cut tens of thousands of jobs. They claim the Post Office does not work. But have a look at it.

They regulate it so that it has to deliver mail to every address in the US from the most urban to the most rural. UPS and Fed Express do not have to do this. These profit addicted outfits can cherry pick the routes they want.

Then the Congress has passed laws that prevent the Postal Service from competing with UPS and Fed Express in areas where they operate and also abroad. This is regulation. But regulation to help the profits of UPS and Federal Express.

Then they have passed a law that forces the Post Office to pay billions up front to cover workers benefits. We have nothing against this but this is only aimed at the Post Office and UPS or Federal Express. What is sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander.

The US capitalists want to break up the post office and hive off what is profitable to the private sector. They want to fire tens of thousands of workers and break the unions.

When regulation works for the capitalists and increases their profits they are all for it. When it helps workers they are all against it.

Defend the post office as a state owned corporation, defend all postal workers jobs and benefits, put the Post Office under workers control and management, take UPS and Federal Express and all the major transport corporations into public ownership and integrate the entire transport system into a nationalized unified system under workers control and management with compensation only on the basis of proven need.


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