Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Obama's Secret Service Agent offered $30 for sex

As Wikileaks and the young hero Bradley Manning suspected of revealing the dirty dealings of the diplomats of the world showed, diplomacy for the capitalist class is simply a pretense, a veneer that they all accept as they engage in the most ruthless and unethical  goings on which is par for the course in their world.

The scandal that has erupted around the Secret Service agents that are with US president Barack Obama on his Columbia visit shouldn't surprise us.  The image of these characters is one of fine upstanding gentlemen protecting the leader of the free world, the great champion of democracy and fairness.
Naturally, this sort of thing their media will inform us is not indicative of behavior in the agency in any way, just like Abu Ghraib, or the urinating on dead bodies or raping and murdering of Iraqi women.

Columbia is a poor country like Thailand where young women, or men, are forced in to the sex trade.  But talk about exploitation.  Three of the agents have been fired it looks like as the other eight are still being investigated. But what brought this in to the open was that a dispute over payment for services arose.  One of the prostitutes interviewed by the New York Times, claimed that the agent tried to cheat her out of what she agreed to and pay her $30 for services rendered.  This is a perk of being a bodyguard to the most powerful politician in the world and traveling to the underdeveloped world where women and young girls are so desperate. This particular woman is a single mother according to reports.

Thirty dollars. Imagine what he thought of this human being to treat her this way.

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