Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Israeli's pushing for war with Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that Israel wants Iran to end all uranium enrichment; all of it.  Israel demands that Iran remove out of the country all the uranium already enriched and the closure of its Fordo enrichment facility.

This is pretty much what France and Britain want as well.  There are plans for a meeting later this week between Iran and the permanent members of the UN security council, that prestigious club of global capitalism.  "One of the most important players in this game, Israel, won't be the room" Gerald Seib writes in yesterday's Wall Street Journal. But this is not true, Britain, France, the US, all represent Israel, the US in particular.

So some of the most heavily armed nuclear nations on the planet, leaving out Israel itself which is reputed to possess hundreds of nuclear warheads although the Zionist regime refuses to divulge it one way or another, are demanding of Iran that it eliminate the merest hint of any substance or facility that might be capable of building nuclear weapons.

Why would Iran do this?  Iran would have to be insane to do this.  The Zionists, whose very philosophy leads it to steal the land of others, whose state has turned the Palestinian lands in to Bantustans and imprisons over a million people in the Gaza concentration camp wants to be the only nuclear armed nation in the region.  It's Zionist Nirvana.

The Israeli state could not survive without US taxpayer dollars and backing, there is no doubt about that.  But the Zionist regime is a racist one and also believes that this land is theirs by an act of god.  They are fanatics and like all fanatics, are irrational. US imperialism, like British imperialism in Northern Ireland, may well wish the problem would go away, that there would be some stability in the region so it could plunder the region unhindered but it will not. The Palestinian masses will not go away.  The Zionist regime is US imperialism's most trusted ally in the region.  The US Gentile bourgeois have no time for Jews, they are anti-Semites and the Jewish bourgeois are also their competitors. The Christian Zionists are pro Israel until Jesus comes back at which time the Jews that don't convert will rot in hell; they're heathens. The Christian Zionists have no love for Jews either and the relationship is simply one of convenience.  Politics makes strange bedfellows as the saying goes.

The more astute representatives of US capitalism realize that an Israeli strike on Iran would be a catastrophe. But what can they do?   The profits, the control of oil, this is what's at stake here.  The Arab Spring has made US capitalism a little edgy.  Their proxies in the Arab world have been falling like flies.  Ben Ali, Saleh, Mubarak and even Gaddafi was not someone they feared. The British even handed over dissenters to him, trained his security forces. The Saudi thugs would fall in a moment were the US taxpayer not arming them to the teeth, including a recent $28 billion supply of military hardware and aircraft.

The US and EU powers are in a bind.  The Arab masses with their revolutionary potential cannot be relied upon to defend the interests of Chevron, Total, Shell or BP in the region, the Israeli's are the only option at this moment.  The Iranians certainly won't help.  Why should they? The US overthrew the government of Iran in 1953 in order to control its oil production.  It installed the murderous Shah and let him take his cut, a far better deal than the nation controlling its own resources.  If we want point a finger at the cause of the rise of the Mullah's in Iran, we can blame US and British foreign policy.

It is quite possible that the Israeli's will strike Iran no matter what the US thinks although Obama promised that if Israel bombs Iran and Iran defends itself the US will strike Iran with full force including those bunker busting 30, 000 ton bombs.  Are we that helpless and have such little control over the government of this country that we can't stop this?  Pretty soon, there won't be any countries left that we as Americans can visit thanks to the policies carried out in our name.

The heads of organized labor are as bad. The best they might offer is for us to send an e mail to the pope perhaps, or maybe top our Congressperson.  This doesn't stop the attacks the 1% are waging  on workers, the middle class  and the poor at home and it sure as hell won't stop the Zionists.

The crisis of human kind is a crisis of leadership.  We see it daily, in Egypt, Greece, Spain, Chile, the US and certainly internationally.  The 1% coordinate their attacks on us globally, we have no equivalent as workers.  Neither Greece or Spain can halt the capitalist offensive alone yet despite parties that claim to represent the working class in these countries, no Europe wide offensive against global capital has emerged.

A more organized and globally coordinated working class movement will arise, but there will be some great shocks and unnecessary suffering along the way due to this crisis of leadership.  A new conflagration in the Middle east with an Israeli strike on Iran may be one of them.

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