Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Zimmerman racist murder. Racist cops refuse to act.

It is clearly a racist murder. This Zimmerman thug followed the young black man Trayvon Martin down the street in Florida and shot him dead. And just because he was black. The murderer Zimmerman was not even arrested and up to last night was still in possession of the gun with which he carried out the murder. Zimmerman had called the cops with complaints about so called infringements of the law up to 40 times in the last year. In spite of being obsessed with being a cop himself he has a record of assaulting a cop. Young black men cannot go to the store at night without being in fear of their lives. We live in a violent racist society.

But there is more. The mass entertainment media glorifies violence at every turn. The mass entertainment stars are always shooting somebody or blowing things up. Remember the Dirty Harry movies. "Make my day." The cop played by Eastwood goading people to do something so he could shoot and kill them. The movies and TV and video games advocate violence at every turn. No wonder we have violent lunatics like Zimmerman. These so called movie stars and TV and the entertainment industry must be condemned also for their role in the violence in society and the murders that take place.

Then there is the gun industrial industry and its lobby the National Rifle Association. This outfit knows there is a lot of money in guns. Buying them and selling them. It whips up fears to keep the demand strong. It whips up male chauvinism to keep, especially men, thinking that to be a "real man" you have to have as many weapons as possible.

I am not in favor of making guns illegal. If this happened then only the state would have guns and this would make it easier for the capitalist class which controls the state to control society and keep down the working class. But we need to be clear. The mad gun culture, the violent racist society, these are not in the interests of working class people. they exist because they are profitable and because they help the ruling elite keep control through repression and divide and rule.

By the way I was reading the Wall Street Journal this morning. i read this defender of freedom and our rights to see what the enemy thinks and feels is important and to hear their strategy. there is not a word about the Trayvon Martin murder. It shows their priorities alright.


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Anonymous said...

Its always about race. the only that say it is not about race are white people. They never tell any other race to get over it and move on. If Zimmerman had been a Jew he would have been fried by now.