Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Was Trayvon Martin going to attack his murderer with a bag of Skittles?

Trayvon Martin
I see now that Trayvon Martin was talking to his girlfriend at the time he was shot by the racist George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain in a Sanford Florida community.  The girlfriend said that Martin was complaining about someone following him and that he couldn't get rid of him.  According to the AP:  "He says, 'Oh he's right behind me, he's right behind me again,'" His girlfriend responds,  "Run." He says, 'I'm not going to run I'm just going to walk fast.' She hears Trayvon say, 'Why are you following me?' Other voice says, 'What are you doing around here?'"

Martin had a pack of skittles he was carrying in his pocket and an iced tea according to reports. Zimmerman's family says he is not a racist and he is "Hispanic". But there's no doubt in this bloggers mind the prime motive behind the killing, Martin was a young black man in what I'll bet is a relatively well off white neighborhood and that's without seeing it.

There is a law in Florida that allows people to defend themselves with "deadly" force.  Those skittles can be deadly when they are thrown in to the facial area which is what Zimmerman was probably afraid of no doubt.  Hell, this is America.  Our freedoms are gradually being eroded, it's a bad day when you can't shoot a teenager for walking in your neighborhood with a bag of Skittles.

Zimmerman has called the police 46 times in three months and complaints have been made about his "aggressive" tactics.  Check a recent blog about some other details. Zimmerman has still not been arrested as of this writing.  There is an online petition at Change.org 500,000 people have signed it already.

My grandson is black, in fact all my grandchildren are.  I was talking to my daughter in law last night as I took the eldest boy back to the house who was walking home from the subway station. He is 14 and responsible, but there is a serious understanding among black parents that the young black male is fair game in many communities, especially at the hands of the police. The chances of a young black male being killed or ending up in prison are not slight by any means. Were any other section of society so vulnerable there's be a national cry for justice. 

That Zimmerman is still free is a disgrace.

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