Thursday, March 22, 2012

USA. New mood of struggle developing.

We have all the signs of a new movement rising in the US. We have the Occupy movement and along with this the movement against foreclosures. We have the rising successful movement to defeat the war against women. We now have millions involved in the fight for justice for Trayvon Martin, that is against racist oppression. So three major movements, one against the economic injustice in society, one against the sexist attacks against women's rights and one against racism and repression. A new movement is stirring in the US.

What is happening is that the extreme right has gone way to far. They have vastly overestimated their support in the working and middle classes. They have underestimated the consciousness of the US masses. So now we have the backlash. The occupy movement, the defeat of the effort to de fund Planned Parenthood, the mass movement now against the killing and cover up of Trayvon Martin, these are inspiring new movements. This great movement with the million hoodie march is an inspiration. It will never bring Trayvon back but it will inspire a new generation to fight racism.

But. But. Wait. There is something missing. This is the millions of workers in the trade unions organized as an independent forces and participating as an independent force in these new movements. The union leaders instead of mobilizing their rank and file are giving hundreds of millions of dollars to the Democrats and the big business Obama and they are continuing with their team work concept, that is working with the bosses to hold down wages. The photo of the leader of the Unions Trumpka with his pathetic grin being hugged by Obama says it all.

What is wanted is this. The union leaders to launch a campaign for a minimum wage of $20.00 per hour or a $5.00 an hour increase whichever is the greater, a guaranteed job for all, free health care and education for all cancel all student loans, a guaranteed home for all, an end to racism, sexism and to all wars and occupations. And for such a campaign to be waged independent of the Democratic Party and from it to be built a mass workers party and the extension of the trade unions into every workplace in the country.

The mood is changing in the US. It will continue to change and throw the right back. But this change would be much greater and a real alternative could be built if the union leaders would stop boot licking the Democrats and Obama, and collaborating with the bosses to drive down wages and benefits.


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