Sunday, March 18, 2012

TV Christian preachers

I sat and watched a preacher on television for about 20 minutes this Sunday and went through a whole lot of emotions about it.  My first reaction was to wonder how on earth people can actually go to one of these things; how can they listen to it and take it seriously.

This guy was a smarmy, greasy man who was asking people to send money in.  He spoke through the screen about the “Law of the Seed”  The “Seed” is a $1000 pledge and he wanted “300 miracles in 17 minutes" and the counter began the countdown on the screen as he spoke.

“I decree and declare”, he said with emotion and staring right in to the camera, “That god will receive the $1000 seed to spread the gospel.”  “Pray to Jesus to cancel all your credit card debt” he tells the gullible and lonely audience. His pitch was repulsive, dishonest, it was easy to see that.  He was there to con money out of decent honest people.

“Get off the couch. Do it now, do it now” he told his victims. Then repeated it, “Do it swiftly, do it now.”  And drove the point home once more warning his audience threateningly, “Delayed obedience is disobedience…it is rebellion” He welcomed the $1000 seed for god in total but would accept it in portions. The full amount is best though he advised because with this $1000 seed, this money, “If I hold it, it stays the same….If I give it to Jesus it multiplies.” He takes credit cards for "your convenience". What a guy.

 He kept on, “Spread the gospel, sow your financial seed today. Sow it on a credit card.” “The card that got you in to trouble can get you out” if you get that $1000 seed to Jesus. “Go to the phone now, god will cancel your debt.”

His name was Mike Murdoch but we have loads of these crooks over here in the US of A. I went on You Tube to look for him and found the video below, it shows some of these guys in action, not great quality but watch it through to the end it’s worth it.  After I get over trying to figure out how these people get any audience at all I began to realize that they are simply predators and like all predators they prey on people’s weaknesses. In this case, the loneliness and alienation that consumes people in a society that places individualism and selfishness above all things, but also other preachers where they exploit people’s decency and kindness by getting money off them to help others. They’re some sick characters, and it would seem to me have nothing in common with Christian teachings. The video is hilarious---watch it for a good laugh.

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