Friday, March 23, 2012

Trayvon Martin

I see that Zimmerman, the guy who murdered Trayvon Martin was an alter boy in the Catholic church. Then his ambition was to get into the financial business, that is ripping people off. Then he wanted to be a cop. A Catholic alter boy capitalist cop. A combination alright.

If Zimmerman was a Muslim rather than a Catholic there would be a lot of propaganda being whipped up against Muslims. I am not saying he shot this young man because he himself was a Catholic. But I am saying that things would be different if he was Muslim.

The cops in this town are obviously racist. The episode last year when another cops son was not put away for beating up an African American homeless man when this was caught on tape shows this. Then they kept Trayvon's body away from his family for three days.

It will never bring this young man back. And it is terrible for his family. But the one good thing about this crime is that it is putting the racists and racism more onto the defensive and helping the battle against racism gain more strength.


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