Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pope in Cuba. And reality.

The unelected leader of the Catholic church has just been in Cuba. The Catholic church is the dominant church of capitalism. It helped capitalism slaughter the left in Latin America in the 1970's and 1980's. It helped capitalism make sure the opposition to Stalinim went towards capitalism and not towards democratic socialism. No wonder the Wall Street Journal defends it. They are class buddies. No revolutionary socialist should be part of this capitalist, anti women, organization.

The present top man in the Catholic church, he is designated as the "pope" and supposed to be infallible. He was not so infallible when he was a member of the Nazi Hitler youth or when he squashed the investigations into the child abuse scandals in his own organization. His defenders say well he had no choice but to join the Hitler youth. This is a lie. Of course he did. Hundreds of thousands of Germans refused to join and physically fought the Nazis and were slaughtered for it. This pope chose to put his own career and the interests of the Catholic church above that of fighting the Nazis. He is a contemptible figure.

Now I see that he is mouthing off in Cuba about Marxism. By Marxism he of course means Stalin ism. But let us look at in the context of genuine Marxism. This leader of this capitalist organization said: "Marxism is obsolete and no longer corresponds to reality." Now this is good one. Corresponds to reality. The ideas of the Catholic church do they correspond to reality? The virgin birth, heaven or hell for ever, women are inferior, popes are infallible. I could go on. The Catholic church's ideas do not correspond to reality.

And not only in these ridiculous areas. But in their support for capitalism. Capitalism is destroying the planet. The catholic church supports capitalism. It is helping destroy the planet. its ideas do not correspond to reality if we mean by this what the system it supports is doing and what the planet we live on needs.

This wee man would be better to keep his mouth shut.


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