Friday, March 2, 2012

Obama the Decider: He ain't afraid to bomb Iran.

Obama, the anti-war president (before he was elected) will be assuring Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu on his US visit that no matter what, the US will support the Zionist regime if it attacks Iran.  The US has also warned Iran that if it defends itself or retaliates against an Israeli attack, the US will use maximum force against the Persian Gulf nation.

In an interview with the Atlantic, Obama assures the 1% (or a section of them) and their Zionist allies that the US is committed to using force against Iran to protect the interests of the global energy companies, you know, the same folks who brought us the Exxon Valdez and BP disasters and that poison the Niger delta. How committed is Obama?  "As president of the United States, I don't bluff" he tells the Atlantic.  Obama had no problem "bluffing"  a lot of the people that supported him, many of them fresh young newcomers to politics. “I think it’s fair to say that the last three years, I’ve shown myself pretty clearly willing, when I believe it is in the core national interest of the United States, to direct military actions, even when they entail enormous risks,” Obama continues.  His decision to order the assassination of Bin Laden and "ramp" up the Afghan war is proof of his toughness Obama boasts. He might go get that used fighter pilot's uniform off the imbecile Bush, he doesn't need it anymore.

The "enormous risks" won't be borne by Obama, his children, or his friend's children.  The consequences of an attack on Iran will de devastating for the working people of Iran and their children.  It will further destabilize the Middle East.   The 1%, the class that Obama represents won't feel the effects of the massive increase in gas prices either, they travel in private planes and the taxpayer pays for a US president to get around. It is disgusting that the war monger Obama can talk of "enormous risks" so flippantly.  It is the working class and especially the working class of the Middle East that will suffer and we will suffer through further economic hardship and increased alienation and isolation from the workers and middle classes of the world whose support we need in our own struggles against the 1%. 

It is much harder to make our disdain and objections at these policies known to the people of the world as we have no political party that speaks for us. The Occupy Movement is somewhat fragmented and at an ebb at the moment, something that will likely change as all movements in their infancy go through these stages.  The influence in this movement of elements that oppose political struggle also sets the movement back. It is this the absence of an organized working class movement and political party that ensures there will be more suffering, death and environmental degradation than need be given the potential strength of the international working class.

As we pointed out in an earlier blog, the US has 44 bases surrounding Iran.  Who is threatening whom?  US workers cannot continue to allow the politicians of the 1% speak and act for us on the world stage; it is not in our interests to do so.  We have children too.  We are also under assault from the same forces that will kill and maim Iranian youth. Iran is not the problem, Washington, the Pentagon and the few thousand unelected people that make the decisions in US society are the problem.


I just read a bit more of Obama's back and forth on this Iran issue.  The last thing he needs at this time is a war with Iran before he is assured a second term.  But what I neglected to add in the piece above is something that they never raise.  What right does the US or any other country have to bomb a country that wants to have nuclear bombs?  Iran has repeatedly said it is only developing nuclear power for energy reasons. But why does it have to explain itself to the US or Israel.   Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons.  The US, Pakistan, India, Russia, China, have nuclear weaponry.  Why should Iran not be able to?   What US capitalism wants is for its regime alone to have nuclear weapons. This and the continued defense of Israel which is the only reliable ally it has in the region is at the root of anti-American feeling and the emergence of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorist organizations.

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