Sunday, March 11, 2012

Memories of work, terrorism, Taleban and Iraq

I have been looking through old files just for something to do and came across this gem. When the US bombed Iraq, a country that never threatened this country or harmed it in any way.  I introduced a resolution against war with Iraq at my Union local. I was a respected veteran in the local but the mood was such, the frenzy for blood after 911 so strong that it was called out of order if I remember right and one guy got very aggressive with me.  I think I appealed the out of order decision but even that was overruled. Not only did I oppose killing Iraqi's who had not threatened us, I opposed sending any American workers to die to protect the interests of US corporations.

On hearing about it, all the patriotic types and some right wingers chatted about it on the company intranet.  This is what one guy had to say.  He was a steward but not really an active or any way militant one. He wrote on the inter office network:

"I am sorry to have to reply to this, as I do not agree with the Intranet being used for political views or agendas.

That said, the right of freedom of speech unfortunately, but not surprisingly extends to the radical views of those who oppose the very Country that has enabled us to have this freedom. Many innocent people and loved ones have been killed in a cowardly act that our Country has Proudly and without reservation had to respond to. As an American I am extremely proud of my Country and support all efforts at home and abroad to secure the safety and freedoms that we as Americans have been so richly Blessed to have. If our Union gives any creed to this resolution or support of any of kind of anti-American rhetoric, I as a Steward of Local 444,wich I have been a proud member for 16yrs, will resign my position as Steward and encourage those that I represent (American Workers) to do the same. No threats here.  I will not support or be affiliated with any organization that would give this kind of un-American, pro Taliban-Terrorist propaganda

The essence of this whole subject should have never been seen in my work environment and I am ashamed to see our Union allowing this to continue."
(I removed his name)

After he plastered this all over the workplace I saw this guy on a job one day and he was all friendly like so I asked him why he would be talking friendly to me, a terrorist. We ended up getting in to a heated argument.  he called the boss, one of the most right wing bosses in the place and said I had threatened him and that he feared violence. Workplace violence was, and is a big issue in the workplace with all the workers damaged by capitalism going off and killing people. I was thoroughly investigated but the other workers on the crew helped me out and nothing was done.

I was down at work for a retirement the other day and noticed a picture of him on a flier on the wall. I walked over to check it out and it was an appeal for help.  Not only did he have a nasty, life threatening accident at work which really debilitated him, the flier was an appeal to help keep him in his home as he was about to lose it.  It seems that this wonderful system, this "Country" that has "enabled" him to have so many freedoms, freedoms we Americans have been "Blessed" with using a capital "B" like he does with the word "Country" has blessed him with more freedoms than even he thought were available---the freedom to be thrown out of his home.

After a million or so dead Iraqi's, three trillion dollars thrown down the drain and thousands of young Americans dead and many thousands more maimed (the quadrupling of double amputations due to more efficient body armor) I wonder if he thinks about his position back then calling me un-American in public and accusing me of being a terrorist.  I doubt it, types like this rarely do. Wasn't it Samuel Johnson who said that "Patriotism is the last refuge for the scoundrel."

Ironic what's happening to him isn't it?  Terrorism I would say.

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