Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Israelis kill 25 Gazans in four days.

Theft of land. This is what is at the root of the Middle East crisis
Gaza is one of the largest open air prisons in the world.  Over one million people live there under constant threat of aerial bombardment or food, energy and water shortages imposed on them by the Zionist regime that controls these resources.

Twenty five Palestinians were killed by Israeli air strikes this week.  On Monday five Gazan's were killed by Israeli air strikes including "three civilians and two militants" the Wall Street Journal reports. It is important to remind ourselves that this is the aerial bombing of a highly densely populated civilian population.  Many of these people have been displaced from other parts of the country by settlers from Russia, the United States, South Africa and other countries whose justification for their stealing of other people's land is that a supernatural being gave it to them thousands of years ago.  They know this to be true because human beings who communicated with this supernatural being wrote about it.

The Wall Street Journal, along with the rest of the mass media in the US tells us that the Palestinians in Gaza responded to the aerial assault on the Gaza prison camp by firing rockets of a rudimentary type in to Israeli occupied territory.  The Israeli's have a new defense system called the "Iron Dome" that managed to hit most of these missiles in mid-air so fortunately Israeli casualties were low, "two Israeli's were slightly injured" the Israeli army claims. When we hear people like Obama and Hilary Clinton talk about "restraint on both sides" we should always look at the body count to put that in perspective.

I am somewhat perplexed at the Journal's description of Palestinians here.  I am sure that the Zionist regime and its friends at the Pentagon are terribly distraught that two civilians were "slightly injured"  but what are "militants"? The term is clearly used to describe someone who is not an ordinary human being or resident of the Gaza prison, no, the Militant is fair game and has to be destroyed.

A cease fire has been agreed to by the Zionists and the "Militants in the Gaza Strip" the WSJ reports.  So there's quite a lot of these "militants" it seems.  I would even go so far to say that the "militants" seem to have a certain amount of authority in Gaza being that they can enter in to such an agreement with a US proxy regime in the area.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister is very pleased with his country's offensive and defensive capabilities. The system "allows us to beat terror in a precise and painful manner" he says. There's that all encompassing word again, "terror".  This is from the mouth of an individual who was in Washington a few weeks ago speaking to AIPAC, the powerful Jewish and Christian Zionist lobbying group and never mentioned the word Palestinian once.  Why should he?  There is no Palestinian government.  No Palestinian state, and in fact no real Palestinian people; just "militants".

As we pointed out in an earlier blog, even Netanyahu's friend,  Barack Obama used the "P" word four times in his speech to AIPAC.  But for Netanyahu the Palestinians are a non people; there is no such thing as the Palestinian people.  Alongside offensive and defensive weapons, the Zionists have another weapon, a very valuable one indeed.  Hundreds of thousands of foreigners have been brought in to settle the land stolen from its original owners.  These are foreigners of a particular type; they are ardent followers of the the supernatural being that promised them the land thousands of years ago.  These people will defend and protect the land stolen from the locals and act as a buffer between them and the rest of Israeli society.  These people, having been given the land by the actual creator of the planet are very committed to defending it and have strong opinions about the people who lived off it before they came as the comments in this short video indicates:
"The Israeli character is aggressive" says one Israeli intelligence official.  And indeed it is.  British imperialism was well aware of the need for such an "aggressive" character presence in the region  when it supported the creation of a Jewish state with the collapse of the Ottoman empire after the first world war.  The first British governor of Jerusalem spoke of the concept of a Jewish state populated by Europeans as "Our loyal little Ulster in the Middle East" referring to the six Irish northern counties that Britain occupied and still occupies.  As part of the British invasion of Ireland, Catholics were driven from their land and Protestants brought in, even French Hugenots, to act as a base on which the occupiers could rest and rely.  In Ireland, a protestant minority surrounded by a Catholic Irish majority, in Israel, a Jewish minority surrounded by a Muslim majority. In each case, the minority with the fear of being under siege and in danger of being overrun by those whose land it was.  This breeds the necessary siege mentality and "aggressive" character that the Israeli intelligence official refers to. The Zionist regime is US imperialism's most trusted ally and defender of its interests in the region and US imperialism, like the British did in Northern Ireland, will back up their Zionist proxy.

For those of us who can remember, Northern Irish Catholics were "militants" too, except they used the word terrorists for them.  Most of us over 30 will remember the movie, In the Name of the Father about the false imprisonment of an entire Northern Irish Catholic family for 16 years, the father dying in prison.  Israel's prisons are full of Palestinian "militants".  A "militant" is someone who vociferously defends their interests or the interests of their class like a militant shop steward.  The US mass media uses it in a derogatory sense in order to denigrate the struggle of Palestinians or anyone else who fights back against state terrorism.  Visit the video we put on this blog where Norman Finkelstien talks about the invasion of Gaza a couple of years ago to see who the real terrorists are.  The terrorist methods of the IRA pale when compared to centuries of British state terrorism in Ireland, a terrorism it applied in Kenya against the Mau Mau, Malaysia against the struggle for self determination or anywhere else it fought to uphold its empire.

A militant in Gaza is anyone who objects to their culture, religion, land and way of life being destroyed by hostile invaders.  A militant is anyone who fights back against oppression in a way that actually hurts the oppressor.  The hero's of the American revolution were "militants".

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