Saturday, March 3, 2012

Iran. "Elections in our country are like a comedy show."

This was the statement made by a woman in an upper class neighborhood in Tehran. The recent elections there saw a very low turn out in the upper and middle class neighborhoods. But a much higher turnout in the working class neighborhoods where the regime has more support and where there is greater anger against the policies and threats of the US and Israel. I would say this statement is true. The one about the "comedy show." All candidates there have to be vetted and sanctioned by the top Mullahs.

But we should not get too cocky. Here in the US the elections also are a "comedy show." Look at the clowns who are running for the Republican nomination. But it is not only that. While the Mullahs vet the candidates in Iran the candidates are vetted here in the US also. Only here they are vetted by big money. The super packs and the mass media decide who will get on the stage in debates and who will dominate the mass propaganda outlets.

When was the last time we saw a workers representative on the mass media electioneering for support. Even the so called left of the TV shows do not do this. Take Bill Maher, the atheist and supposedly great unconventional thinker. The one thing he will never do is offer an alternative to the system or to the political parties of capitalism.

Yes politics here are a "comedy show" also but one that is very tightly controlled by capitalism. What we need is a workers party to fight for working people.


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