Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cheyney. Does he now have a heart?

I see that Cheyney, that mass murderer and war criminal has got a heart transplant. Even before he got his heart disease he never had a heart.

Not that this war criminal and mass murderer did any of the killing himself. He had other working class Americans do it for him. He got out of going to Vietnam again and again. He said he had other priorities. I am sure all of the 19 year olds who had no choice but to go had other priorities also.

Now we have the tens of thousands of US youth killed and maimed and the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans killed and maimed because of the wars that Cheyney and his buddy Bush lied to launch on behalf of the oil companies and US corporate power in the Middle East and Central Asia.

They will not say whose heart Cheyney received. This could be for many reasons. Maybe he had to buy one and in doing so jump the line over others who needed a transplant. Maybe whoever gave it did so and is ashamed for his family that he did. Maybe there are racist reasons. Who knows. But there is some reason it is being kept secret. One thing for sure Cheyney jumped the line ahead of the hundreds of others waiting for a transplant. What a rotten class ridden society this is. And think about the big capitalists look after their own dogs.


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