Friday, February 10, 2012

Womens rights. No special treatment for churches and religious outfits.

Think about this number - 335,000. It is a big number. There is no doubt about it. What is this number? This is the number of churches in the US which are allowed not to provide access to contraception to their employees. Incredible. Tens of millions of people are involved. Many of these are in the Catholic church the policy of which is made by unelected males who think women are inferior. Just like there was a tidal wave of opposition last week to de funding Planned Parenthood there should be another one now to defend contraceptive rights. And the rights to contraceptive rights is not just a female issue. It is a family issue. Men also are involved or should be involved in bringing up the children. Mn also should be as concerned about their partners health as their partner should be. The right of free access to all forms of family planning including the right to a vasectomy for males should be part of the law.

When we are thinking of this issue and the 335,000 churches we should remember that these organizations get away with paying no taxes. This is discrimination against people like myself who are atheists. We have to pick up the slack. The churches like all other organizations which involve themselves in capitalism and politics should be taxed. And make no mistake organized religion is overwhelmingly political and actively pro capitalist.

Let us think a bit about the arrogance especially of the Catholic church hierarchy. They are knee deep in covering up their own child abuse and raping of children. And now here they are trying to bully the US government and people to accept their backward anti-women policies. As I say: Incredible. There must be no backing down in front of this unelected male caste with its vast wealth and power. Them and their stooges like the Joe Bidens must be exposed and opposed. It is good to remember what this unelected all male caste in the Catholic church are. James Joyce described men with a woman in their lives as "incomplete men." Well said. This vast organization the Catholic church is run by incomplete men in the service of their own wealth and power and privilege and of capitalism.

For a free health care system for all which includes free family planning for all.
Tax all religious organizations.
Recognize that all organized religions are political. This is not a personal issue.


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