Sunday, February 19, 2012

Will Zeus become and issue in the US election?

The farce continues.  The right wing Republican challenger for US president Rick Santorum says that Obama and the White House agenda is, "not about you. It's not about your quality of life. It's not about your jobs. It's about some phony ideal. Some phony theology. Oh, not a theology based on the Bible. A different theology,"  This comes after Santorum apparently refused to correct a supporter during one of his campaign appearances who referred to Obama as an "Avowed Muslim".

Santorum is described in the media as a "devout Catholic" whatever that means.  Generally we are supposed to be impressed by such claims, that someone is a "devout" anything unless you're a devout socialist or a "devout" shop steward or fighter for workers' rights. Perhaps Santorum is a "devout" Catholic due to his campaign against the serial rapists that have been prominent among the leadership of the organization he supports. 

As US workers continue to face extremely difficult times with millions facing the loss of their homes and millions more still without work, the politicians in one of the Wall Street Parties are arguing over who is the strongest supporter of Christian mythology.

Oh, wait.  Here's some political news with a bit more substance.  It appears Romney's treatment of one of his dogs back in the eighties is going to hit the airways.

Where's Zeus when you need him?

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