Monday, February 13, 2012

Whitney Houston - victim of a profit addicted entertainment industry.

Given the events in the world today it may seem a bit out of proportion to write on this blog about events in Hollywood and the entertainment industry. But the death of Whitney Houston has been filling the screens and print media in the last day or two. Tributes have been coming from the profit addicted moguls of this industry and also from other top line entertainers. I cannot watch it. It enrages me. Not against Whitney Houston and her talents but against the refusal to deal with the reality and the hypocrisy of the capitalist mass media and the entertainment industry. Top CEO's of the entertainment industry and agents have been pouring out their glowing comments and their terrible regrets when it is they who run the system which makes these things happen. More censorship and right wing capitalist propaganda to hide the exploitation that goes on.

The entertainment industry is a vicious industry. It runs entirely on the basis of profit. As such it takes people with talent and grinds them up into products which they can package and sell at the best and most profits. These people are destroyed by this. Think Michael Jackson and now Whitney Houston. To try and survive and to try and perform to the standards and level of work demanded, they have to be up every time they perform. But nobody can do this. This is where the drugs and drink come in. They are driven to them to deal with the insane demands of the profit addicted entertainment industry. This is why the drugs and the drink are so prevalent in the entertainment industry. The drive for profit makes it just about impossible to survive within its top levels in any other way.

Then when a star dies we have more profits. Concerts, TV and other shows, the selling of more memorabilia, and so on and so on. We do not yet know how Whitney Houston died but at 48 it was not of "natural causes" that is for sure. It was of the natural causes of a profit addicted system that destroys all in front of it.


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