Monday, February 13, 2012

US and Israel laying the groundwork for Iran attack with a little help from Dershowitz

Should we be surprised.  The Israelis have blamed Iran for two bomb attempts on Israeli targets in India and Georgia during which four people were injured. "...Iran and its protege, Hezbollah." are behind the attacks says Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netenyahu adding that Iran is "the largest terror exporter in the world".

Of course it can't be ruled out that Iran is behind the bombings as there have been numerous assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists that it blames on Israel and the US.  But we are seeing what is traditional groundwork being laid for an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities by the US, Israel or a combination of both. The head of Israeli internal security is warning of attacks on Israeli and Jewish targets throughout the world and in today's Wall Street Journal, by stunning coincidence, arch Zionist Alan Dershowitz warns that Iran has now made it very clear it is at war with Israel due to comments last month on an Iranian website that is "identified with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad"  that Iran plans to "take the war beyond the borders of Iran and beyond the borders of the region"

The fact that the US population hasn't a clue what is actually said and by whom doesn't matter because when the threat of war and violence looms there is a tendency for people to pick the side that can best defend them if and when the stuff hits the fan.  The fact that the little Iranian president does not have the same power as a US president does isn't understood either, but the less people know the better; after all, the US media was able to convince more than 50% of the US public that Iraq was behind 911, something we now know was simply lies.

Dershowitz is laying the groundwork for the US public's support for an attack on Iran reminding us that US and Israeli "authorities" believe that Iran is about to attack Jewish targets like schools and synagogues here in the US.  "The US government should deem any attack on Israeli or Jewish soft targets in America to be an armed military attack on the US"  Dershowitz says, as opposed to a criminal act.  Referring to the  "War on Terror", indiscriminate acts of violence and sabotage as "military attacks" means we are in a perpetual state of war, much better than having to debate the issue or vote on whether or not to bomb a nation in to antiquity. The response to such an act of terrorism as bombing a church or synagogue is simple-----bomb the country of origin of the perpetrator.  In the event of an attack on a Jewish synagogue or school, the "US will retaliate militarily at a time and place of its choosing" Dershowitz adds.

Dershowitz makes it clear that the bombing of an American synagogue is no different than the attacks on the world trade center and the response should be the same----bomb the country behind it.  Given what's at stake here, control over the resources of the Middle East, it is not ruled out that we might be seeing some sort of attack on a Jewish institution in the US by, lets see, Iranian terrorists?

Dershowitz is a rabid Zionist and has defended Israels building of illegal settlements on Palestinian land as well as accusing Palestinians of being collectively responsible for the Nazi's attempts to extermination the Jewish population of Europe. "The truth" Dershowitz once wrote, "is that the Palestinian leadership, supported by the Palestinian masses, played a significant role in Hitler’s Holocaust.”

Matt Duss said of Dershowitz's accusation
that, "This claim is preposterous. And, needless to say, Dershowitz utterly fails to prove it, managing only to establish the already known facts that a Palestinian leader, Husseini, had a relationship with the Nazis, and that many Palestinians still consider Husseini something of a nationalist hero. The idea that Husseini, let alone the Palestinians as a whole, played a “significant role in Hitler’s Holocaust” is laughable, as if the Nazis required one of the sub-human races to sign off on their plans for mass murder."Neither the Wall Street Journal nor Alan Dershowitz are know for having any sympathy whatsoever for the plight of the Palestinian people.  And while the Iranian regime is a thoroughly reactionary and undemocratic one, Iran has not been the destabilizing force in the Middle East that the US and its proxy Israel have been and surely has a right to object to the plunder of the region's resources by foreign powers.  And as we have written many times before on this blog, the US overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran in 1953 and installed a murderous dictator so the Iranians have a reason to be somewhat concerned.

An attack on Iran would be a disaster (one of the few issue that Ron Paul is right about) but it cannot be ruled out, and the timing of the accusations of Iranian bombings in India and Georgia and Dershowitz calling for all out war in the event of an act of terrorism on US soil appear to make it more likely.

Fortunately, another tragic death of a celebrity will help keep such serious issues out of the collective consciousness in the US leaving the capitalist class to pursue its interests with little opposition, at least till after the damage is done.

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