Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tea Party in desperate straits: steals Occupy Movement's slogan

This is what comes in to my spam folder once in a while.  It's much longer than this but I just wanted to give some of our readers abroad (or here) a little glimpse of these so-called revolutionaries. It appears that the tea baggers' bright light has been eclipsed somewhat by the Occupy Wall Street Movement and I notice below they are oh so quietly importing the hated Occupy Movement's slogan with their donate 99 cents a day to stop socialism.  A coincidence? I think not.

Don't think we don't see that they are sneaking class based slogans in to their public pronouncements.  These pro-market right wingers see that the mood among the real 99% is not particularly conservative and significantly to the left of the Obama "socialists". More below the graphic.

 Tea Party News

Tea Party News

Tea Party News

Time to stop the Obamites. The Government will run our homes, education, families and lives, UNLESS you become the resistance. With your help of only .99 cents per day  (my added emphasis) the Tea Party and America will have a fighting chance!

For less than a cup of coffee, you can have a voice. Will 29.11 recurring pledge break your bank?

...or will the socialist regime break our spirit?

Yes, I will Help the continued work of the Tea Party on behalf of our beloved nation.

The Teap Party is the resistance



Only in the US could an administration like Obama's be accused of being socialist.  A party financed by Wall Street waging predatory wars all over the globe and assassinating anyone that it can pass off as a member of the nebulous al Qaeda.  The Democrats, don't forget, is the only political party in human history to have dropped nuclear bombs on civilian populations.

Still, the politicians in this political party of the former slave owners must be wrin
ging their hands with glee at the possible although unlikely chance one of the tea bagger's main hopefuls, Rick Santorum might get the Republican nomination, an easy sweep for Obama. As Dorothy Rabinowitz pointed out in this week WSJ, Santorum's public statements do not exactly match public sentiment.  John F Kennedy's "landmark" 1960 speech "dedicated" to the separation of church and state was so distasteful poor Santorum "almost threw up", he told a New Hampshire crowd last October.

Santorum's views on contraception, that it is "harmful to women".......not a big winner either. Of course, many methods of contraception are harmful to women but that's not what Santorum was referring to; he means if they have sex a baby must be the result, no blockages for those little sperms.

Santorum's a bit more to the left when it comes to gays.  "I have no problem with homosexuality" he says, "I have a problem with homosexual acts." A remark  Ms Rabinowitz says, "..will require some translation in a campaign year.  Good luck with that."I would hazard a guess that Ms Rabinowitz is a Republican given that she is a member of the Wall Street Journal's editorial board.  For wealthy Republican women, or the wealthy new rich, such views are not welcome.  Where do they find these guys?  Rick Perry of Texas is the governor of a state larger than most countries, another moron who makes the imbecile Bush appear erudite.

As someone pointed out on FB, Santorum, whose a lawyer and millionaire too, has home schooled all seven of his children, so there's at least 7 kids who don't know anything about evolution. He can afford to keep pumping them out.

This crisis in the Republican Party is an indication of the crisis the US is facing that is not simply economic but also the deep quagmire that US politics is in.  There is a hatred of politicians in this country that continues to grow and keep folks from participating in the electoral process as there is basically one party with two wings when it comes to the economic issues in particular.  Given that you're going to suffer a decline in your living standards no matter which party is in power, those that do vote vote their moral/social issues: guns, abortion, gay marriage, prayer in schools etc.  When your going to earn $8 an hour and the politicians are all going to screw you on that, there's only social/moral issues left if you bother to vote at all.

Santorum and Perry and the other members of the imbecile club (Dan Quayle) learned a lot from Bush's 8 years. Perhaps the most important being when Bush informed the American people that "The French don't have a word for entrepreneur."

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