Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Anti-Union propaganda from the boss.

We received this from a reader who works for a hospital in Connecticut that it  SEIU is trying to organize.  It is a memo the company sent out to counter a Union organizing drive. Some of the details have been removed to protect the employee but the text here is what was sent out.  This is the first memo the employees have received since the organizing drive began. It could have been written in the 1880's and shows the hatred the bosses have for workers' collective power.

This blog welcomes stuff like this, examples of what it means to be a worker in the US. As long as we know who the people are and the information can be confirmed we will publish it.  Please feel free to use this blog to get your workplace story out.

February 22, 2012
Dear "CT" Hospital Employee:

You, the employees, are the most valued and necessary part of our hospital’s mission. Without you we could not provide the excellent patient care, teaching, research, and community service we do - thank you. Today we have asked that your frontline leaders review some information with you. Please give us a moment of your time and attention.

We have become aware that the Service Employees' Union (SEIU) has visited at least one employee at their home multiple times. This employee voluntarily reported that the union had a petition and was seeking employee signatures. Please know that this petition is likely a union authorization card. We want to remind you of our position on unions at "CT" hospital, as well as outline a few facts about union cards.

A union is not necessary of desirable at our hospital. We do not think employees should be expected to pay hard-earned money in dues to a union to be treated with respect and have a fair working environment. Our mission is to improve and enhance the health of the people we serve. This mission includes providing continuous, uninterrupted care for our patients. Unions bring withe them the threat of strikes and other disruptive actions. Because of this threat to our mission, we believe unions have no place in healthcare. Patients depend upon "CT" hospital for their needs - we owe it to them to be a stable and continuously here.

You may be approached by someone to sign up of the union membership or to show interest in a union. W urge you to be careful what you sign. Know the facts before signing anything.

* A union authorization card or petition is a legal document. It is similar to a power of attorney on certain aspects of your job. You may be signing your right to speak for yourself away to a union.
* If enough employees sign a petition, the union may try to get in without a secrete ballot vote.
* Signed cards or petitions are valid for one year, and sometimes longer.
* Cards or petitions may be represented as many things. Cards are often sing-in sheets at union meetings - be careful. The union may tell you the card is for information only, a mailing list, or that you have to sign to be able to vote in an election. This is not true!
* If union organizer visit your home, it is your right to ask them to leave.

Organizations that have employees who are members of a union have many of the same issues that we face at "CT" hospital. Use caution in getting involved in something that costs you money but brings no guarantees. We have many positive things to do here at "CT" hospital instead of spending time, money and resources in battles with this or any other union.

We encourage you to talk with us or any "CT" leader with any questions or comments on this subject. We are here to list and respond. Thank you for all the sacrifices you make to make "CT" hospital such a wonderful place for those who come for care.

Our best,

President and CEO COO

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