Friday, February 17, 2012

Another religious sports figure hero for working class youth

Here we go again.  Another sports figure that the bosses' media is offering up as a role model for working class youth and in particular, Chinese/Asian  working class youth in this case. I don't follow basketball but the new craze is Jeremy Lin who hails from across the bay on the peninsula. Being a sports figure is a safe and secure role model for young people as long as you have the right views about life.  I don't know much about Lin's views of the world but I can get an idea.  Here's what his pastor said about him as reported in the media"

“He’s down to earth. He loves his family and he loves our church,” said Pastor Stephen Chen with the Chinese Church in Christ in Mountain View. “Our church is like his second family.”
His pastor is not  surprised, "when Lin refers to his faith when talking about his NBA success." CBS reports

“All these things are a gift from God and Grace being God’s riches at Christ’s expense,” the Pastor adds,  “You’re thankful for almost everything that comes your way, it keeps you from being proud. To remember who you are before God, it keeps you humble.”

It's be nice if Lin challenged views like these but we'll see.

This sort of media tripe helps to keep people's minds off of the real world and what is happening in it.  All things good are gifts from some supernatural being and all bad things are attributed to another supernatural being. What we get in life depends on which of these supernatural beings we choose to side with.  That this supernatural being (the "good" one) can lavish money, fame and more important, food, shelter and comfort on Mr Lin and others, and be egotistical enough to allow his opponent (it is a he isn't it?) to visit hunger, poverty and disease, on the vast majority of human society doesn't say much for him if you ask me. 

The media coverage for Lin comes on the heels of all the hype about the Denver quarterback who no doubt talks to god as well---the Christian god of course, after all, that's the only real one.

If Lin were assailing the 1% and condemning the religious institutions for their support of capitalism  he wouldn't get much air time.  If he were in a war zone he might could end up like another former poster boy of the 1% who refused to see be used by them, Pat Tillman.

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