Friday, January 13, 2012

US Marines urinate on dead Taliban fighters

We are putting this video back up (different video same issue) because the original and the comments were taken off the site but not by us. The talk of how reprehensible, inexcusable and all that nonsense from the likes of Hilary Clinton and the generals and Pentagon spokespersons do not fool us.  And what about the CNN newscaster talking about US troops might have been responsible for committing a "war crime".  The whole war is a war crime.  The US invasion of Iraq is a war crime and these guys urinating on dead bodies didn't make the decisions to embark on these massive war crimes.

As we wrote yesterday, they brainwash these Marines and instruct them to kill without question and train them how to do that efficiently and then send them off to do it.  Rumsfeld, Obama, Cheney, Bush etc.  These are the real war criminals.  These young men have been dehumanized by it all.  This doesn't excuse what they are doing but what do we expect?  The real criminals are over here in the US walking free and getting rich. As we mentioned in the previous blog that was removed, it reminds us of two things.  One was the movie Breaker Morant where British troops soldiers were sacrificed as the end of the Boer war was approaching.  US capitalism is trying to make a deal with the Taliban and this incident might  not help.  The other similarity is the prosecution of Lyndie England for Abu Ghraib.  Rumsfeld and Bush walk free and they prosecute a working class white woman who grew up in a trailer park; a victim all her life.  And we are supposed to accept that she is at the core of what is wrong with the US military. This incident represents another 10,000 recruits for al Qaeda. 

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