Saturday, January 14, 2012

UK Labor Party leaders: support austerity, save capitalism

The British Labour Party has given us renewed proof that reformism inexorably leads to betrayal of the interests of the working class. Starting from the acceptance of the capitalist system, the Labour leadership has now agreed not to reverse the austerity cuts of the ConDem government coalition. Facing "reality", the leaders hope to restore "people's trust" in theĆ­r party by moving its policies closer to those of the government. Union leaders naturally have already begun to protest loudly at this perspective, feeling the pressure from below already starting to build against the cuts in services. A group of more militant unions has already disaffiliated from the Labour Party. The crucial question is whether the rightward swing of the leadership will push more unions to follow the course of separating themselves from the LP or whether the voice of the working class base can find expression inside regional and also the national Labour Party.

Walter Held

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