Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thugs disrupt Occupy Seattle Labor solidarity forum

A panel forum organized by Occupy Seattle in support of Local 21 in Longview Washington was disrupted by right wing supporters of the Labor bureaucracy according  to reports.  I was not present at it but it does seem this issue is heating up and the attempt to stop scabs from loading a ship due to arrive at the port will face some resistance.  Armed US Coast Guard vessels and helicopters, in other words, Homeland Security is escorting the ship in to port. The scabs in this case are members of the Operating Engineers whose leadership is directing the scabbing efforts.

It is hard to say what will happen or how many will turn up to support ILWU local 21 but the Occupy movement has surprised many of its critics with its staying power and ability to turn people out.  Protesters will face stiff opposition up there from the police and possibly hired thugs of the bureaucracy.  It is important to get to Longview if you can.  It would be important if ILWU Local 21 president Dan Coffman and the entire leadership of that local as well as other locals that have supported Local 21 to officially come out and condemn the disruption of this meeting (if they haven't already) and reaffirm that the locals support the Occupy movement and want its support in Longview when this ship comes in.

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