Monday, January 16, 2012

Miss America Pageant: A hotbed of radicalism?

There has been a crucial development here in the United States that could change the global political landscape and in the immediate term play a role in defeating US capitalism's efforts to break the ILWU up in Washington not to mention help the unemployed and get foreclosed homeowners back in their homes.  Laura Kaeppeler, who was crowned Miss America Saturday night is from Wisconsin and she announced during the pageant that she would like Aaron Rogers, the Green Bay Packers quarterback to call her. For our readers overseas Green Bay is in Wisconsin and the American football team lost a chance at the Superbowl yesterday in its defeat at the hands of the New York Giants. Thank heavens for our courageous news media in the US for getting this story out to the public.

Apparently, Ms Kaeppler has a platform ( I guess the Miss USA event is like a political convention) which is to "support children of incarcerated parents" according to Yahoo News. Hopefully, Ms Kaeppler might even ask why the parents are incarcerated in the first place as well, after all, there are two million in prison in the US, more than any other country.

It is rumored that Ms Kaeppler wants to discuss with quarterback Rodgers the state of society and the ongoing predatory wars being run out of Washington as well as the situation in Longview where Wall Street and the Obama Administration are attempting to break a Union using the US military to do so.  "We will mobilize the masses" Ms Kaeppler is reported to have said adding, "With Aaron's good looks and my leadership skills, workers will flock to our cause."

I always loathed that Miss America stuff and that pimp Donald Trump's involvement in it but it looks like the mood in society has finally begun to take effect in a way we would never have dreamed. Is there a new "Occupy" in our midst?  "Occupy Miss America" Let's hope so.

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