Wednesday, January 18, 2012

From hero to "serial killer" US Marine charged with murder of homeless

Itzcoatl Ocampo
So they have caught the person who has been stalking and killing homeless people in Santa Ana California.  The media says the following:
"The Iraq War veteran was charged Tuesday with four counts of murder and special allegations of multiple murders and lying in wait and use of a deadly weapon. Three victims were stabbed more than 40 times each. If convicted, Ocampo faces a minimum sentence of life in prison without parole. Authorities have not decided whether to seek the death penalty."

The young guy used the skills the US military taught him quite efficiently.  "Lying in wait" "use of a deadly weapon" treating a human being like an object so it is easier to kill them without question. The question is: was he like this before the 23 year old joined the Marines and went to Iraq?  "I walked in, he was curled up in a blanket.....He looked like a wet puppy dog." said the young man's lawyer when he visited him in a mental ward. He's doing what he was trained to do but now he's described as a "serial killer".  I would think the Iraqi's considered a serial killer too when the people now prosecuting him described him as a hero.

I remember watching that movie, The Ground Truth.  One vet says talks of his encounter with the police after a violent domestic outburst.  Vet's in that movie describe what it was like to run over a child in your Humvee or see your friends blown to bits next to you.  My recollection is one guy describing the bumps as they drove over the young child's body.  Can't take any chances though.  The vet describes the insanity of coming back home after that and the bastards that created the problem and sent them there expecting these guys to go down the mall with the wife and kids as if nothing's happened.

There is a collective bunch of murderers here, war criminals par excellence.  These include the imbecile Bush, Rumsfeld, Obama, Cheney, Powell and Wolfowitz, and all those politicians that support these criminal ventures. The Marine Corp and their entire military machine is guilty, a machine that has nothing to do with defense but plunder on a world scale.  Watch the way they brainwash these young and impressionable working class men and women who deserve a better opportunity from society, my recollection is that The Ground Truth shows that in some detail.

We do not have to be brainwashed and other human beings dehumanized in order for us to defend our rights and what freedoms we have that the working  class has won for us. This young man's killing spree is what they trained him for and he wss coninuing his job.  Imagine how the Iraqi's have suffered as young US men and women lose their humanity in an inhumane environment.

The system is guilty and those that support and perpetuate it are guilty.  The few thousand unelected people that rule society are guilty.  But eliminating them, imprisoning them would still not prevent these sort of occurrences because the system itself creates them.  Capitalism is system of social organization that is hostile to humanity and the natural world that birthed us.  If you plant flowers in rotten solid they will, if they grow at all be deformed. This is what capitalism does to humans, it destroys us, poisons our food, pollutes our oceans and the very air we breath.

This young man deserved better.  I do not blame him.  They took him and destroyed him.  The same system that produces homelessness, his victims,  produced Itzcoatl Ocampo.   We pointed out on this blog today that the crisis of the economic system we call capitalism is becoming ever more acute as shown by the Republican politicians savaging each other and attacking the very economic system that they worship.  It is positive that the ruling class talks of "systems" because they only used to do that when they spoke of planned economies like the brutal Stalinist regime in the Soviet Union.

But capitalism has not always existed.  It hasn't been the only "system" but was borne in the womb of a previous and different system we call Feudalism which the capitlsit class relegated to the garbage can of history.  Now it's our turn to hand Rumsfeld and co and their system that same fate as we build a collective, humane economic system and the politics that arises from it, a democratic socialist world federation of states.

We owe it to Itzcoatl Ocampo, his victims and millions like them throughout the world.

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