Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Warmonger Obama to OK $30 bn in WMD's to Saudis

This is the source of anti-US feelings and terrorism
I read that the deal to sell the Saudi monarchy $29 billion worth of weapons of mass destruction looks like it's well on the way.  Obama is about to announce the sale of 84 F-15's with upgrades for 70 more.  The upgrades will not quite match the level of technology the US sells to the Zionist regime in Israel as U.S. officials assured Congress that "Israel's military edge would not be undercut by the sale.", says AP.  It's a good deal for Dick Cheney and the Bush family and others involved in the production of weapons of mass destruction as the best way to keep the arms industry in good health is to sell to various sides but make sure the most reliable allies of US capitalism keep an edge.

Imagine how the Iranians must feel.  Iran, whose government was overthrown in a CIA orchestrated coup in 1953 which put the brutal Shah's regime in power, is being pushed by Wall Street and its politicians to stop developing nuclear technology.  The Iranians claim that they are developing it for peaceful reasons but given the aggressive and offensive foreign policy of the US and its Zionists proxy in the region it would come as no surprise if they were trying to get the bomb, after all, the US never invaded Korea which has nuclear weaponry.  US capitalism wants Iran to completely surrender any control over its own resources and any influence it might be developing in the region.

The hypocrisy of US foreign policy does not go unnoticed.  Hilary Clinton lectures the Burmese about human rights and the rights of women everywhere but in Iraq and Syria women were not as brutally oppressed as they are in Saudi Arabia, a true friend of Washington that beheaded a woman for "sorcery" a few weeks ago.  The planes the US taxpayer is providing the 7th century clerics that run Saudi Arabia will be used against Saudi workers and youth with a vengeance if they tried any of this "Arab Spring" nonsense. They have already suppressed small attempts at protesting the regime which is one of the most oppressive on the planet and sent it troops in to Bahrain to suppress a movement for democratic reform there at the behest of the US.

Iran will no doubt look to Russia or China for weapons sales and the Chinese are well on the way to developing a GPS system that will be able to rival the US GPS system.  US capitalism in its mad scramble for profits and control of the world's resources is the force that is driving the arms race.  it is not a uniquely American thing or anything like that, it's a natural process in a capitalist economy which is inherently competitive and hostile to human solidarity and cooperation. So Iran is now surrounded by hostile forces armed to the teeth by US imperialism.  The Israeli's are talking about striking Iran and prominent US political figures are calling for a strike also.

It's a sorry situation when the only sane voice on this issue among Republicans is Ron Paul, the anti-Union right wing libertarian. Obama is as bad as Cheney.  I say Cheney as opposed to Bush as Bush is an idiot, Cheney is not nor is Obama. Bombing Iran will be a disaster on all fronts, the cost of oil, the increase in Anti-American and western feeling among millions of people throughout the world which will strengthen religious fundamentalist groups or any other forces seen as standing up to the aggressive and murderous foreign policy of US capitalism.  The region will explode.

We might wonder that the Wall Street politicians in Congress must surely understand this.  They do, but they are driven by the laws of the system, by the market and capitalism to force their will on their competitors abroad as well as their own working  class which is what they are doing now. It is not easy for us as workers in many ways as it's hard to see a way out.  What can we do?  We have no political party of our own that we can be active in which is something we must change.  The Top dogs in organized Labor are worthless repeating what the bosses and their politicians say for the most part. They rank down there with CEO's when it comes to popularity among workers. Every solution, every idea they have emanates form the liberal wing of the capitalist class and protects the market and private ownership of the means by which we produce the necessities of life. They attend their conferences and sit on their commissions and councils like Clinton's Competitive Council.  They look with awe and reverence to the liberal academics whose ideas they share.

Then we are told we are all "one nation".  No we're not.  Cheney is not my American brother, nor is Bush or Bill Gates or Paul Wolfowitz and Condoleeza Rice or Hilary Clinton are not "sisters" either.  The Occupy Wall Street is a positive development that is having an effect on US society.  We are talking about class more; the 99% vs the 1% is an expression of class character. We are talking about inequality and the system.  But we must not let our criticism of US capitalism end at our borders. We must not be tricked in to thinking Cheney or Newt Gingrich or Obama are our allies in our struggle with the foreign hordes.  There is danger here,  We must publicly reject the idea that these politicians speak for us, for American workers and the middle class. The more we separate ourselves from them and condemn them and their predatory and murderous ventures abroad, the more we will undermine so-called "terrorist" groups and make the world a safer place for all of us.

We are heading to the edge of the abyss.  Not simply through wars but also with  the destruction of the environment due to the anarchy of capitalist production. All things, humanity, nature, are secondary, profit is primary. They are driven to destroy these things, compelled to;  it's the way the system works.

Changing the system is the only way to stop this and the working class is the force that has this as its historic task.  Marx once said that all we have to lose is our chains.  He was right, but there's a lot more at stake on this planet of ours since Marx's time-------the very existence of life as we know it.

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