Sunday, November 29, 2009

Trinity College Dublin. Library occupied. Report from inside.

from inside the library...

TCD library has just been occupied by the students union

Over 50 students are currently occupying the library

These are the demands to the Provost:

1: Reverse the €650,000 book-buying cut
2: Increase library opening hours to the national average instead of cutting them futher
3: Come to the library today, sit down with the student representatives and hear the students concerns.


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Thanks very much P3, that means a lot. There are a couple of article about Ireland also on the blog, one yesterday and a couple others under the Ireland Label on the right.

Sean, another author on the blog is also from Ireland originally.

Also,one of the stand alone pages on the "right of the labels is titled Some Comments on the Left Alliance in Northern Ireland" and there is some stuff there about SOME recent political developments in the NORTH.

This is the address of the page:

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