Monday, November 23, 2009

Charges DROPPED for Berkeley Students! Crowd goes to Chancellor's office

Eyewitness report! A crowd of 100 students went to the courthouse to protest charges made against students who protested the outrageous 32% increase voted for by the UC Regents. When teh crowd arrived they were told the charges were dropped. This is a victory for activists involved in the public education movement and a concession by the millionaire Regents who do not want to see a movement develop supporting these acts.

The crowd then marched to the Chancellor's office ( around the back door) and sat in the lobby and hall way demanding to speak to someone. They were met by two underlings who work for the Chancellor and are now presenting demands and questions be answered about the tuition hike. Actions like these need to be repeated all over the state on every campus and university. The fight is not over until we win!

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