Thursday, June 4, 2020

Hundreds of Thousands in the US and Around the World are Standing in Solidarity With Black America.

Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired
Editor Facts For Working People Blog

Capitalism has always been a system of crisis and violence. Here in the US, we are in the belly of the beast, ruled by the most brutal bourgeois on the Planet. But we are more powerful than them which is why they divide us, why they keep racism and all other forms of social division alive. But we are in a new period, a new era. US capitalism is in an acute political, economic and social crisis. Its two parties that have dominated political and economic life for over a century are incapable of resolving in the slightest the crises at our doorstep. Its global influence is waning which makes it even more dangerous as it is armed to the teeth and its body political filled with religious lunatics and right wing bourgeois thugs. Only the working class, united and conscious of the role history has set out for us can rid us of this madness and build a new democratic socialist world.

The present global response to police violence and racism in the US is unprecedented in my life time and as I say in the video, Black America will not tolerate this meekly. The Black working class and youth in America is discovering that there are many allies among the new activists, young workers from all backgrounds and cultures that they bringing with them in to the fray. There is tragedy yes, but we are in exciting times, we are seeing the US masses setting foot on the world stage like I have not seen in my time here. The 14 million workers in the trade unions must join this movement and increase its social power. Despite years of betrayals and class collaboration on the part of the labor hierarchy, the ranks of organized labor are in the position to inflict extreme harm to the captains of industry and Wall Street and the system that propagates racism, poverty, war and environmental disaster. Linking up with the struggles here and abroad we are an unstoppable force Be diligent, don't trust our enemies and beware "Greeks bringing gifts." It is a good time to be alive. Don't mourn----organize.

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